SILS Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery also known as SILS is an advance technique master only by a few laparoscopic surgeons this technique can be use on some general surgery procedure and some bariatric procedure especially gastric sleeve surgery. Gastric sleeve SILS is a procedure for patients really concern on the aesthetic aspect. The especial equipment is place on the umbilicus living non scar on the abdomen, the drain is place apart on the size of the abdominal.

This surgery takes about 1:30 min on the operation room, 30 min to 1hr on the recovery room. After 4hrs the patient is able to walk, recovery is very fast one of the advantages of laparoscopic surgery. All medication like antibiotics, ant nausea, and analgesics are administrate intravenous, a Jackson Pratt drain is left for patient security which is taking out on the third day of hospitalization. The surgery requires 3 days of hospital. All our patients get a private room with Tv, Air-conditioned, Restroom, and a sofa where a companion can stay overnight.